Tsipra’s “Odyssey” in Europe

tsipras_odysseyWithout any illusions that Europe can change completely from one day to another, but certain that the Europeans will express solidarity and will give time to Greece for the preparation of a new bailout plan, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras begins his journey.

First stop for the Greek Prime Minister will be Nicosia tomorrow Monday, Rome, Paris and Brussels to follow.

Mr. Alexis Tsipras moved up his meetings in order to present Greek intentions.

The Prime Minister will attempt making clear to European leaders willing to listen, that is not within his intentions to create rapture and war with Eurozone nor with the lenders, but to create a mutual beneficial solution without unilateral actions on debt and a continuing commitment to a substantial program of progressive reforms.

In the meetings to come, Mr. Tsipras seeks the reassurance and understanding of European leaders, as well as the reaffirmation of partners, that Athens will be given the space and time to develop its own new proposals, which will take into account and incorporate last Sundays mandate, as well as new government’s declared position that the Memorandum failed and will not be completed.