Modern water management model in the Municipality of Apokoronas

apokoronas_waterThe creation of a modern water management model that will check the quality of water, including full electronic mapping of water supply and water pumping sources (pumping stations, wells, springs, etc.) and gives traceability of leaks is the goal of the Municipality of Apokoronas through the program contract to be signed whithin the next two months with TEI Crete.

Meanwhile, the crews of the Municipality began the cleaning and maintenance of the 87 drinking water reservoirs, and securing the facilities to stop them being accessible to the public.

The Mayor, Mr Koukianakis spoke about the new model for water resources management “Can not Th Municipality of Apokoronas cannot say on one hand that it wants the exclusive management of water in Apokoronas and the other to declare inability to manage serious issues such as water quality issues. For this reason we have been working on a contract with the TEI Crete that will have at least 3 years duration, “he said.

In this context, he pointed out, the TEI will have the equipment and scientific staff to examine the existing quality status of the ground and surface water of the Municipality and make immediate intervention in any sources of pollution can be identified. Indeed, as Mr Koukianakis explained. from 80-100 quality control measurements of water made annually will increase from 80-100, to about 1,000 per year.

It will map electronically through a geographic information system (GIS) all the springs, wells, boreholes and pumping stations that exist within the administrative boundaries of the municipality, the ownership and the uses they have, and also rivers, tributaries and streams that run though areas of Apokoronas will be mapped accurately.

Equally important the conduits will be recorded accurately (major and minor) of the municipality water network, with the result that the water leaks will be easily detected. A complete survey will be done in the existing wastewater networks and biological treatment units.
As Mr Koukianakis explained, the details of the program contract with the TEI Crete will be be finalized in the next few days, while the costs will be covered entirely by Apokoronas own resources.


Meanwhile, Apokoronas has started cleaning and maintenance of the 87 municipal water tanks. Many of the tanks had not been cleaned for years and it is characteristic that at the bottom sediment often reached up to 20 cms!

“The work being done is the cleaning of the mud that has accumulated in the bottom of the tanks, whitewashing the outside, and the rooms and cleaning wild vegetation from around the reservoirs, which in some cases were almost inaccessible,” said Mr. Koukianakis adding that particular emphasis will be placed on securing the tanks to stop them being accessible to the public. “Unfortunately we found that only some places had caps, elsewhere there were no padlocks etc. It is really an unacceptable situation which it will be at an end.”

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