Front-seat passenger with drunk driver is also liable in case of crash. The case of an accident in Sitia

drink_keysGreece’s Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the individual who agrees to take the front passenger seat in a car while being aware that the driver is intoxicated will be 30 pct responsible in case of a car accident.

The country’s highest court also ruled that individuals driving their cars under the influence of alcohol or other substances will not be covered by insurance, although the insurance company will still have the obligation to compensate the damaged parties (including relatives) and then claim the amount it has paid, from the driver.

The ruling came after a case concerning the death of a front-seat passenger in a car accident in Sitia, Crete. In that case, four individuals got in a car after consuming wine, but on the way the driver lost control of the car and crashed, causing the death of the front-seat passenger from internal bleeding.

According to the court, the deceased knew that the driver had consumed alcohol and had impaired driving capacity. Therefore, the deceased, who knowingly endangered himself, was responsible for 30 pct of the injuries sustained because of the crash.

The relatives of the deceased had claimed compensation in court for emotional distress and funeral expenses, but the court ruled that the compensation will be reduced by 30 pct due to co-liability.