Technical University of Crete: “Red alert” from the “Sea Diamond” shipwreck

sea_diamondThings are getting worse in the sea of Santorini, due to the pollution from the shipwreck of “Sea Diamond”.

According to measurements from the scientific team of Pr. Evangelos Gidarakos (Technical University of Crete), there are high numbers of heavy metals and toxic substances, such as cadmium and toxic nickel.

In some samples, cadmiun was 1.000 times higher compared to the normal limit.

“There is a serious aggravation compared to 2011 We found out there is a raise of toxics, due to the shipwreck of Sea Diamond”, said Mr. Gidarakos to “Kathimerini” newspaper.

As Mr. Gidarakos mentioned in the newspaper, toxics were also found in samples of fish, which is something to worry about.

Results of the scientific research presented in an event in Santorini.

SYRIZA MP, Mr. Nicos Sirmalenios said that the lifting process of the ship will continue.