Opinion poll shows Greeks support government stance toward ‘troika’

sigkentrosi-ipostiriksis-xaniaThree quarters, or 75 pct, of Greeks believe the new government is determined to carry out its election pledges and 72 pct consider the government’s confrontation with the ‘troika’ to be right, according to an opinion poll released on Saturday.

Rougly six in 10 (59 pct) believe that the clash between Greece and its creditors will continue into the coming weeks. The poll also showed that support for the government’s positions does not come exclusively from those voting for the two parties that now form Greece’s coalition government, SYRIZA and the Independent Greeks (ANEL), where backing for the government’s moves stands at 91.5 pct and 91 pct, but also by 43 pct of those who voted for main opposition New Democracy (ND).

The possibility that the country may be forced to leave the euro is feared by 35.5 pct of those asked, 9.5 pct hope for such an outcome and one in three does not believe Greece’s exit from the euro is possible.

Conducted by the University of Macedonia for the medial channel SKAI, it was the first poll gauging public opinion on developments in the wake of the Greek elections.


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