Eating like a Greek ‘could change lives of men suffering from impotence’

saladEating fish, salads and olive oil, and enjoying the odd glass of wine, could transform the lives of men suffering from impotence, according to Greek cardiologist Athanasios Angelis.

He said his research had shown that consuming such healthy foods helped clean out blood vessels, especially the narrow ones in the penis that are essential for a man to perform.

Dr Angelis, an expert on erectile dysfunction at Hippokration Hospital in Athens, said: ‘The Mediterranean diet is well known to be a healthy diet, one that is associated with longevity, wellbeing, lower incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

‘And this is very important, because people can choose this type of diet to prevent or restore their vascular health.’

He explained that when a man had problems achieving an erection, ‘it can be a sign of worse health problems to come’, because the blood vessels in the penis were ‘very, very sensitive’ to what was happening in the rest of the body.

‘Adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle can help reverse moderate erectile dysfunction,’ Dr Angelis said.

Changing to a Mediterranean diet, and taking more exercise, could be so effective in some men that they would not have to rely on Viagra any longer, he added.

Daily Mail