Grexit option must eliminated, Faymann says

faymann“We should rid Greece and Europe of a Grexit option,” Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann underlined in a newspaper interview ahead of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ visit here on Monday.

In the interview to be published in Sunday’s issue of Austrian newspaper “Kurier”, Chancellor Faymann said that he is against a debt write-off but in favour of negotiations on technical loan terms giving Greece more room in the future to exit the crisis.

Responding to a question on the telephone communication he had with the Greek prime minister last Wednesday, he said that Tsipras wants to have the opportunity to propose the way in which Greece will meet its obligations toward institutions and its EU partners.

On whether he believes that Greece will be rescued or there will be a Grexit, the Austrian Chancellor said “it depends on the way PM Tsipras wishes to implement his reform plans,” adding “we should save Greece and Europe from a Grexit.”