Pro-gov’t rally at Syntagma Square on Feb. 11

sygkentrosiΑ pro-government rally is being organized on social media to take place at Syntagma Square on February 11, on the same date as the Eurogroup meeting.

The gathering is to show solidarity to the anti-austerity government of Greece and against what are perceived by many to be scaremongering and “blackmailing” tactics of the troika of Greece’s international creditors from the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund following the government’s commitment to clamping down on “oligarchy” and renegotiating the terms of the debt deal that has seen a debt spiral with most of the money borrowed returning back to Greece’s creditors.

“We are inviting all the people of Europe to actively show their support in the struggle of the Greek people and the Greek government for a Europe of democracy and solidarity, say the organizers of the event. “We will win!”