January 17, 2021



The EU press on Greek PM’s speech: Northern EU dislike, southern countries sympathize

eu_pressA large portion of the press saw the speech as defiant ahead of the EU leaders summit on February 12. Reuters wrote that despite what he said, he appeared optimistic that a deal would be reached.

The BBC refered to one of the central concepts of Tsipras’ speech concerning the ‘bridge loan’ that Greece has been asking for. The article stated that he is soldiering forth even though eurozone officials have already rejected the notion of renegotiating with Greece. It pointed on the contradiction of the money situation and Tsipras’ promises to phase out austerity measures.

Bloomberg also refered to a defiant Greek PM. It refered to each of Tsipras’ announcements in detail and assesses that there are fears as to whether Greece will be able to meet its obligations until the end of the month.

The British Guardian found the speech provocative. According to the paper, the speech signals the start of a new round of austerity measures – for ministers and deputies this time.

The German media expressed everything from dislike to contempt for Tsipras’ inaugural speech with Spiegel stating that Tsipras announced a failed rescue program. The article opined: “He can’t ask for an extension. That would be a mistake.”

“We are keeping our pre-election promises and these are not up for negotiation,” wrote Bild, refering to the Greek PM’s statements.

“Greece needs 15 bln euros now,” is the title of an article by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that focuses on Greece’s need to come to an immediate agreement with its international creditors within 15 days.

The French Agency focused on Greece’s moral obligation to seek German reparations. “It is our historic obligation to seek the Occupation loan and reparations,” said Tsipras.

Italy’s newspaper “Il Messaggero” said that Tsipras’ speech was a “challenge” and noted that his speech did not diverge from his pre-election commitments.

“Respect to pre-election pledge – Tsipras provokes the EU” writes Italy’s La Repubblica.

La Stampa’s article on Tsipras’ speech is titled, “We will pay the debt.”

The Spanish newspaper,El Mundo, titled its article “Offers and a return for sacked workers”