Varoufakis: We won’t tear up bailout deal; but no blind obedience

var_vouliIt was Yanis Varoufakis’ turn at the Parliament podium on Monday to detail the new leftist government’s policy statements, and with the world’s markets — and Greek citizens – listening closely, the flamboyant FinMin appears more conciliatory than usual.

In starting off with the usual bravado, he said “our government is under a regime of threats that is not concurrent with European ideals”. Mentioning the lenders he said: “We will not tear apart the programs, nor will you ask for blind obedience”.

He underlined that 70% of the memorandum will be included in the transitional program to be tabled.

He added: “The medicine is toxic and the bad thing is that the doctor knows it”, while he added that: “It is time for the things said behind muted microphones to be said out loud in formal European talks. Even the Troika admits that the program is not working, but they state otherwise in public”.

Referring to the previous government, he said: “Our partners were not fair to your government. The failure of previous governments is due to the fact that the powerful insisted on their terms on the losers, when they had no right to. The first memorandum and everything that followed were doomed, whomever was destined to take them on”.

Varoufakis’ speech takes place a few hours after his meeting with the Euroworking Group president and the EC’s representative to Athens, who came to Greece to be informed on the plan that the Greek government will table to ministers partaking in the Eurogroup.