Telegraph: The 19 best Greek isles! Ideal destinations for different tastes. Crete is the best for… food

cretefoodAn article published in the online edition of the Telegraph picks its top 19 Greek islands, a timely bit of travel journalism ahead of the coming summer holiday season.

In fact, the Telegraph goes a step further than the usual travel articles on Greece, and suggests the ideal destination for each type of traveler, proving once more that the Grecian experience has something for everyone.

From quiet and secluded isles of Mediterranean paradise to glamorous destinations with a vibrant nightlife, this is … but one spectacular list of Greek islands! The best Greek isle is the one YOU select!

  • Best for beaches – Zakynthos, Ionian Sea
  • Best for families – Corfu, Ionian Sea
  • Best for history and culture – Delos, in the Cyclades, uninhabited
  • Best for hotels – Mykonos, the Cyclades “party island” of the east Med, Aegean Sea
  • Best for food – Crete, a “country onto itself”, the largest Greek island
  • Best for wine – Kefallonia, in the Ionian Sea
  • Best for peace and quiet – Koufonissia, Cyclades, Aegean, “backpack, beach tent country”
  • Best for eco-warriors – Hydra, in the Saronic Gulf, “super chic”, hugging the southern Greek coastline
  • Best for hiking – Andros, “off-the-beaten-path”, Cyclades
  • Best for couples – Symi, Dodecanese islands, very close to the Asia Minor coast
  • Best for alternatives – Skyros, in the middle of the Aegean
  • Best for traditional island life – Karpathos, southern Dodecanese, “off-the-beaten path”
  • Best for villas (and monasteries) – Skopelos, Sporades isles, in the north-central Aegean
  • Best for views – Santorini, always in the top island destinations worldwide!
  • Best for Bond fans – Nisyros, small Dodecanese island, unspoiled island Greece!
  • Best for … gay vacationers – Lesbos (or Lesvos, in Greek) home of Sappho, ancient Greece finest female (and most sensual) poet! You’ll find the rest on Wiki
  • Best for nightlife – Rhodes, the largest “jewel” of the Dodecanese
  • Best for watersports – Lefkada, Ionian Sea
  • Best for Biblical history, pilgrimage – Patmos, the stunning place of exile where St. John wrote the Book of Revelation