Grexit supported by 1 in 2 Germans

An EU and a Greek flag fly in front of the ancient Parthenon templeA FOCUS survey reports that 48% of Germans are in favour of Greece leaving the Eurozone, 29% of respondents said they supported Greece keeping the euro, and 23% is undecided, EurActiv reported.

Divided according to party affiliation, the survey showed most of the Grexit-supporters belonged to the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD), 82% of AfD followers responded in favour.

Results among centre-right voters was at 47%, with 43% among Social Democrats.

A majority of supporters of the Green party (47%), Left party (41%) and the liberal FDP (40%) were for Greece remaining in the eurozone.

Regarding the debt haircut currently up for debate, 44% of Germans expects such a write-off, with a majority of respondents from almost all parties predicting this: 42% of Social Democrats, 48% of the liberal FDP, 54% among Greens and 58% in the Left Party.

Only a majority of centre-right voters does not expect a debt haircut to come about, 40% of this group responded  that the debt write-off would take place, with 45% predicting the opposite.