The Municipality of Apokoronas plans to upgrade cleaning services

xwmaterhThere will be two new programme contracts, one with D.E.DI.S.A. and one with a private contractor that will be chosen through open tenders. This will include systematically washing the skips, and also provide for the cleaning of the municipal and provincial road network with designates vehicles, and crews will clean public areas of the municipality on a daily basis.

The Mayor of Apokoronas Mr. Koukianakis explained that the program contract with D.E.DI.S.A., budget 370.000 euro, is for the disposal of municipal solid waste. “The contract identifies ways and procedures for the management, treatment and disposal of municipal solid waste. The aim is to achieve integrated management of solid waste and promote an environmentally sound policy for the urban and suburban environment, “noted Mr. Koukianakis and stressed that the cost of the program contract will be covered by the resources of the municipality and that the contract will run until December 31, 2015.

As regards the contract with the private contractor, budget 198,000 euros, Mr. Koukianakis stressed that the City has launched an open competition for the award of public spaces cleaning services.

In this context, he explained that theMunicipality has been divided into three zones:
• In the first zone, from April 1 to October 30, dustbins will be washed 2 times per month, while in the other two zones B and C will be washed once every month.
• Twice a year, just before Easter and once in August, common areas will be whitewashed.
• Once every year will be the cleaning of ditches, weeds and trash all over the provincial, municipal roads and the old highway by a special scanning machine
• Vehicle washing -to be cleaned twice a month in the first zone and once per month in other areas of the municipality.
• Trucks will remove rubble and debris arbitrarily thrown in public areas.
• Bucket truck will cut trees and branches that might fall and cause accidents or damage to property.
• Special attention will be given to the courtyards of public spaces, such as churches, schools, cemeteries, etc.
• Cleaning of beaches initially in April and then three times during the summer with a motor vehicle tractor.
• Cleaners will will sweep public areas in Zone A daily and almost daily in the other two zones.

“We have quite a significant amount of work compared to the last years for cleanliness, essentially doubling the costs. However, this money will pay for itself and our intention is to upgrade the level of cleanliness for tourism and also residents, “said Mr. Koukianakis, referring to the contracts for cleanliness launched by Apokoronas.

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