Additional information about the hidden treasure hunt of Apokoronas

The organizer, the Municipality of Apokoronas, would like to emphasize that it has given the safety of participants the fullest consideration.

The conduct of the game and the winning teams are not dependent on the speed or the time taken to the end.

Enjoy the unique routes in beautiful Apokoronas, drive carefully, and respect your teammates an opponents.

Teams earn points depending on the puzzles are unlocked, and where assistance is requested by the ‘key’.The teams also earn extra points if they are in fancy dress, and even more if the team has a theme.

The hunt of hidden Apokoronas needs some knowledge. In the town hall there will be computers available to the groups for internet searches.

Finally it is advisable to equip yourself with adventure equipment!

Notebook, pencils, flashlight, comfortable walking shoes and warm clothes.

A compass is optional. As every good treasure hunter knows, churches always face the east.

The game unfolds in much of the municipality therefore a means of transport is necessary. Children may participate under the responsibility of their parents. The character of the game is instructive.

Also participation means that they accept the terms of the game and take full responsibility for any road violations or accidents.

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