Cypriot finance minister: Not sure what Greece is requesting

cypriot_finminCypriot finance minister on Tuesday said he’s not sure what Greece is requesting from its international lenders and that Cyprus’ support for Greece will not make a difference in the outcome of the negotiations.

“I’m not sure what the request of the Greek authorities is, because what Greece has stressed is that it doesn’t need money, but time. It’s not clear what that means, but at any rate, there will be time because the programme is ending and there will not be any time pressure. Therefore, since the argument is that no money is needed just time, I’m not sure what one is supposed to support,” Haris Georgiades was quoted as telling Cyprus’ radio station RIK, according to the Cypriot edition of Kathimerini.

Georgiades added that Cyprus’ support is a given, but that he wasn’t sure it would make a difference in the current situation, adding that responsibility for any decisions now lies with the Greek side and that if Greece wants an extension to its programme, now is the time to request it.

He noted that the only available choice for Greece is within the framework of the existing bailout programme.

During their meeting on Monday, Eurozone’s finance minsiters asked Cyprus to implement legislation on mortgaged properties as soon as possible, while EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici urged the country to continue wuith reforms in its banking sector, Georgiades said.