‘Kamikaze strategy’: Deutsche Welle launches stinging attack on Varoufakis

varouf_dwDespite another round of talks, Greece has yet to offer solid facts and figures. Athens is playing with the expectations of its eurozone partners – but its all-or-nothing strategy could backfire, says DW’s Barbara Wesel.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has to date not provided one single sheet of paper with solid figures, data or the wishes of the Greek government. Varoufakis even implied that his European colleagues could check out the New York Times for an explanation of his imagined solution, if they wished to do so, providing only a few hasty explanations after the talks.

Cleary, the Greek finance minister has a propensity for impertinence. Ones shouldn’t treat one’s colleagues like this, especially not when asking for money. It’s unlikely that German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and the rest will allow themselves to be pulled around by ring by Varoufakis and made to perform at will.

Even before Monday’s failed talks, the mood wasn’t exactly optimistic, with some speaking of a lack of confidence in Greece’s promises. And the attempt to play the European Commission and the Eurogroup off one another didn’t help matters. Athens has used up all the EU’s initial goodwill.

Maybe Varoufakis is looking for a new job as a columnist with an international newspaper. Why else would he first publish the wishes of his country for bridge financing without conditions in the US press, and then present this requirement in Brussels as the sole basis for negotiation? Did he hope to convince US officials to intervene once again, and ask the Europeans to unite? He’s heading down the wrong road with that approach. Or does Varoufakis think he can look to the Americans for financing? Good luck with that.

Deutsche Welle

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