First pictures from security cameras. They search for the missing student in Amfilohia and Agrinio

giakoumakis_vagelisThe first picture -from a camera close to the Dairy School- of the missing young man is on the hands of the Authorities.

It shows the 20-year old student Vaggelis Giakoumakis walking out of the school, at 2 p.m. on Friday, February 6th.

Police asked his relatives to see the footage recorded and to recognize Vaggelis.

The puzzle of those hours -from noon when he left his room until three, when a fellow student saw him at Dairy School- seems to be completed.

Everything indicates that around 3 to 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., he took bus and went down to the center of Ioannina.

Probably Vaggelis was the young man who bought a pie from a bakery and then disappeared.

Meanwhile, nothing new from the lifting of secrecy of telecommunications in the case of the missing 20 year old student from Rethymno.

Vaggelis Giakoumakis’s last calls were made to his mother and to one of his classmates, on Friday, February 6.

Authorities insist that the student left by bus from the Dairy School of Ioannina on Friday afternoon.

Police asked for all videos from security cameras from the local bus service of Etoloakarnania and from a restaurant in Amfilohia.

According to testimonies, Vaggelis Giakoumakis appeared in the area.

A special police unit from Thessaloniki arrived today in Ioannina, in order to help the search of the missing student.

As for the voices heard on Friday night, calling the name of Vaggelis, it was just his classmates who were looking for him in Katsikas and Anatoli, just outside Ioannina.