Fatal accident or murder? Big mystery with the death of a 26 year old Cretan in Athens

troxaio_athinaNew clues in the case of a fatal accident that occurred in the morning of February 8 in Athens, with two motorcyclists -one of them from Crete- dead.

Ten days after the accident, the parents of the 26 year old Giannis Maniedakis still don’t know the circumstances of the tragic incident.

Another motorcyclist, aged 45, father of two children, also died in the same accident.

Father of Giannis Maniedakis told to “Proto Thema” newspaper that his son has -probably- been murdered, as many things can not be explained.

“What I want is justice for the death of my son. If anyone can help us, he may communicate with the police or call us to clarify the death of my child. That’s what I want… nothing else”, said the tragic father to the newspaper.

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