Greek govt luxury cars being auctioned off at e-Bay

luxury_bmwLuxury cars for politicians are soon to be a thing of the past. The shielded BMW, purportedly worth around 750,000 euros, and its sister car – bought during the leadership of former socialist PASOK prime minister George Papandreou – are going under the hammer along with other cars in an auction aimed at raising money for the Greek state.

In 2006, there were at 57,654 state car with annual maintenance costs at 350 mln euros. In 2010, the cars were reduced to 44,000 cars with an annual cost of 320 million euros. Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in recent statements that ministries have 700 cars. Not all of them are for ministers but also other personnel such as general secretaries, deans, high-level police officers, and even wives of deceased ministers.

The fleet of government cars are to be auctioned on e-bay. So far, there has been very little interest for the expensive models, however they are not being used in an effort to save costs on fuel and maintenance.

And travel compensation too…

Returning from the EU leaders summit in Brussels, Tsipras was surprised to find a document concerning 525 euros worth of compensation for his travel.

“What’s this?” he purportedly asked, shocked that ministers and prime ministers received compensation for days spent traveling.

Angered by the fact that there was even such a fund, he added it to the list of money-saving cutbacks!

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