Rethymno Carnival… useful information


If you plan to go to Rethymno for the last weekend of Mardi Gras (Apokries in Greek), you have to know that:

  • Urban buses serve the city and the suburbs of Rethymno from early in the morning until late in the evening.
  • Intercity buses connect Rethymno to various regions of Crete in order to make inhabitants and visitors transport easier.

Parking areas

During the Night Parade the police will close the main avenue KOUNTOURIOTI since 19:30. Please avoid parking during this day since 14:00.

On Sunday during the Grand Parade and from early in the morning special guidance will be given for drivers to park on:

  • Harbor & Marina,
  • Western area of the REGIONAL UNIT OF RETHYMNO building,
  • Courthouse square,
  • Parking area next to central Bus Station,
  • Next to Restaurant HELIOVASILEMATA,
  • Stamathioudaki Avenue,
  • St. Fotini Church in Koubes,
  • Open market area at Rena Synatsaki,
  • 3rd Grammar School / 1st & 2nd High School,
  • Police Academy (public service cars),
  • Fessas parking next to the harbor (10:00 – 19:00),
  • MEGARO/PELAGOS Music Halls (bus pick-up every 10 min. from 12:00 – 24:00),
  • Gallos Stadium

Safety instructions

Dear Carnival participant, spectator and guest, in any case of emergency, health problem or injury first call the Emergencies 166 and then look for the nearest Red Cross Rescue team, or go to one of the First Aid Stations that are located:

  • 3rd High School (Koudourioti Avenue – opposite the 4th Martyrs Church)
  • Ierolohiton Square (next to T Bank)
  • Surrounding area of National Bank of Greece (Kolonaki)
  • ISObox at the entrance of the Marina

You can also look into the map for spots where the Red Cross Rescue teams will be located. The map will be distributed by the media.