Alarm sounded in Ioannina after information from a viewer that arrived at “Tunnel” for significant findings

giak2The friend of the show found at the lakeside area, approximately two kilometers from the Dairy School among reeds and under rocks, a pair of black leather sport boots with laces number 43.

The boots were FILA. Further down was a blue jeans pants. Similar trousers and booties worn the missing Vangelis Giakoumakis when he got lost.

The viewer sent photos of the findings at the show and alerted the police who rushed to the place for research.

The policemen who took his shoes and pants for inspection, searched the area but did not find anything.

Angeliki Nikolouli at the room of the 20-year old student in the school, had found in the closet an identical pair of booties with those who wore when he got lost.

According to relatives Vangelis booties were number 44- 45 Boxer brand.

According to the authorities investigation the findings at the reeds although they had common characteristics with the missing person, did not belong to him.