Government continues the privatization of Greek regional airports

chaniaairportThe letter to EU – Privatizations will not stop, early retirement will

An exclusive Reuters report mentions that Varoufakis’ list maintains that Greece commits to not back down from privatizations already taking place or those which have been completed, reassuring that the Greek government’s vows of combating the humanitarian crisis will not have fiscal backlash.

The international news agency underlines that the validation of the Greek document is needed in order for the four-month loan agreement extension to be ratified.

Reuters also states that the list includes measures for reform of tax policy and lessening expenditure in all areas of government policy.

The Greek government is committed to reformation of salaries in the public sector in order to avoid reduction in wages and ensure that the total amount of wage expenditure will not rise. It also promises to introduce collective negotiations in stages, aiming to raise the minimum wage in the future.