Govt promises poverty-fighting measures won’t burden budget

syssitiaFood stamps for the needy and possibly instituting a minimum guaranteed income program across the country are just some of the measures the leftist SYRIZA government hopes to combat what it calls a “humanitarian crisis” in the recession-plagued country.

Several measures to boost income for people at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder were, in fact, included in a list sent by the government to its eurozone partners and creditors – now called the “institutions” — on Monday.

The list of reforms and commitments was a prerequisite for gaining a four-month loan agreement extension.

Weary of scrutiny by institutional creditors of possible spendthrift policies, the government has promised “targeted actions without financial backing”, with the food stamps given as one example.

Even the guaranteed minimum income measure is described as being in a “pilot phase” and under evaluation before being expanded.

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