Greece Tourism Sector Targets 25 Million Int’l Arrivals in 2015

tourismshoppingThe first estimates for Greece’s tourism performance are moving in a positive direction as the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) announced today that its official target for 2015 is to attract 25 million international arrivals and over 14 billion euros in revenue. The target of attracting 25 million international arrivals to Greece this year includes some 2.5 million cruise arrivals.

Also, according to data, airline seat capacity this year has increased by one million compared to 2014.

According to SETE, the “quarterly period of uncertainty” has ended after eurozone finance ministers approved the set of proposals put forward by the Greek Government.

“This gives the possibility to recover lost ground and achieve the objectives of 2015,” SETE said and assured it was working closely with the ministry to take all appropriate measures.

The association added that a key condition for the continued positive performance of Greek tourism is a stable fiscal framework, which would not create “additional barriers” shortly before the start of the new season.

“Recent reports of a possible abolition of the reduced VAT on the islands and tourist accommodation could halt the dynamic growth of tourism if they are eventually confirmed since tourists will then turn to competitor countries that maintain lower VAT rates in travel packages.”

SETE also called for the finalization of the new investment law and the activation of NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) programs so small and medium-sized enterprises could proceed either with new investments or upgrade existing tourism infrastructure.

The association invited all involved in tourism, from the private and public sectors, to work together in order to “ensure the development course of Greek tourism to the economy, employment and local communities”.

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