VIDEO: Is Vaggelis in a Monastery? He passed by a coffee shop at the centre of Athens?


According to the owner of a coffee shop at the centre of Athens, the 20 year old missing student from Rethymno appeared on Wednesday, asking for money and something to eat.

Watch the video from (in Greek):

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Meanwhile, according to, the Holy Archbishop of Greece asks from abbots of all monasteries around Greece to help in the search of Vaggelis Giakoumakis, as it is possible that he is hiding in a monastery of Epirus.

The sister of Vaggelis in Facebook

“I want you all to think of what has been written in those three weeks and tell me what you understand!!! Personally, in the first week, I was reading about the Dairy School, I was reading about Cretan students of the School… and again the same in the second week… A few days ago I was reading about a group of foreigners and now… about us! The conclusion is up to you!!! Farewell!!! I do not know what to say… indeed. I hope you never fall into the mouths of thesemeat-eaters”! They blame us that we talked to my brother when he got his grades, while we talked to him on Thursday evening for the last time… and that’s why we soon understood that Vaggelis was missing… because we did not call him for a whole day, even though he told us that he would call us back!!!”, wrote the sister of Vaggelis Giakoumakis in Facebook.

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