65 skeletons were found by archaeologists in Sfendyli

sfentyliAccording to candianews.gr, scientists and archaeologists wait the results of the DNA examination in 65 skeletons, found by archaeologist Athanassia Kandas, in Sfendyli, the village which… sinks, due to Aposelemi Dam.

The research is conducted by the Institute of Molecular Biology of FORTH.

Mrs. Kandas believes that all skeletons belong to ancient Minoans!

A famous scientist of FORTH, Mr. Dimitris Kafetzopoulos, who is the head of this research, seems very optimistic for the results.

According to another survey from Dr. Stamatogiannopoulos (University of Washington, Seattle), two years ago, in skeletons found at Oropedio Lassithiou:

  1. Ancient Minoans were indigenous inhabitants of Crete
  2. Their DNA was similar to the current population of Crete
  3. They seem to be “relatives” with populations on the Meditteranean and northwestern Europe


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