PM Tsipras: A third Memorandum is out of the question

tsipras_kyvIn order to calm fears of default of election promises and send a message of determination to implement the government’s program, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras presented yesterday the first four bills and announced the establishment of parliamentary commission of inquiry on how we got to the Memorandum at the first place.

The bills presented by the Prime Minister concerns addressing humanitarian crisis, stabilize the arrears and tackling tax evasion, protection of the 1st residence in auctions and the reopening of ERT, while at the same time they aim at unraveling the memorandum regime.

The Greek Prime Minister sends inside and outside our country the message that he means to negotiate hard up to the end of the four month extension and at the same time he stressed that the extension of the loan agreement was made without extending memorandum commitments or  the program of austerity.

He argued in favor of the deal by saying that “Our partners agreed to withdraw the insistence, unrealistic and unprecedented which are the other names for austerity, primary surpluses and also confirmed talks as part of the new agreement on the Greek debt and the terms of repayment. ”

Furthermore, among others Mr. Alexis Tsipras launched an attack against opposition by stating that “Memorandums are over for good, no matter how much that upsets them and no matter how much they are trying to convince otherwise”.