Coffee at its best… a new MIKEL spot in Chania

mikel_afisaA new MIKEL spot opens in Chania, at 126, Kissamou str. on Monday, March 2.

The story of MIKEL

Eleytherios Kyriakakis began his professional career in the coffee business, in 1996 as an employee of a café in the city of Larissa. In the years that followed, he took his first business steps, always keeping in mind that he will one day own his own coffee company. With his experience as a stepping stone, at the age of 29 he launches the first MIKEL in the city of Larissa.

The positive feedback, the response of the consumers and their preference, convinced him to gradually expand the venture to other cities as well, with a second station, the city of Volos. His choice was vindicated. Up until now MIKEL allocates a network of 101 stores throughout Greece and continues to expand consistently with the objective to create stylish, tasteful and welcoming spaces, for the enjoyment of exceptional quality of coffee in affordable prices.

For us in MIKEL coffee is not just a simple every day habit. What makes a mikel café unique is the fact that it can transform the habit of drinking coffee to a delight pleasure. Since the first MIKEL was launched coffee was, and still remains a form of art that reflects the expertise of our team, the up to date -high quality equipment, and the creativity as well as the joy and optimist of our partners.

The selection of the coffee beans, the unique blend, and the homemade memories that are awaken by the delights and pastries that we daily offer are guaranteed to satisfy the consumers who show their preference to us.

Our commitment and dedication to work, the customer- centric philosophy and continued effort to improve the products and services offered, have made MIKEL one of the fastest growing companies in the coffee industry in Greece.