UK-based SYRIZA MP and prof wants Grexit: ‘We must be truly radical’

lapavitsasOne of ruling SYRIZA’s more outspoken far-left cadres, the London-based academic and economist Costas Lapavitsas, on Monday landed in the Guardian’s inner pages with his cure for Greece’s economic ills – leave the euro!

Lapavitsas, a professor at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, leaves behind the bourgeois setting of the British mega-metropolis and the manicured lawns of stately British academia and expands on a more class-conscious vision for his Mediterranean homeland, which he now represents in Parliament.

“…The most vital step is to realise that the strategy of hoping to achieve radical change within the institutional framework of the common currency has come to an end. The strategy has given us electoral success by promising to release the Greek people from austerity without having to endure a major falling-out with the eurozone. Unfortunately, events have shown beyond doubt that this is impossible, and it is time that we acknowledged reality,” he opines.

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