The Municipality of Apokoronas faces the stray animals issue

stray-dogsThe Municipality of Apokoronas is one of the few municipalities in Greece, facing -immediately and effectively- the issue of stray animals, not only by giving money for their food and veterinary care, but also by operating a neutering program, in order to reduce their number.

The City Council decided unanimously to approve the agreement between the Municipality of Apokoronas and volunteer veterinarians to neuter stray pets, to a veterinary clinic in the area,  allocated for free.

The animals will be collected, recorded, neutered and returned to back to the places they were found or there will be an effort for their adoption.

The Municipality of Apokoronas has also bought animal feeders, which will be placed in all municipal units.

The program will be monitored by a five-member committee, after a decision of the Mayor Mr. Charalambos Koukianakis.