Municipality of Heraklion faces the stray animals issue

adespota_irakleioAs announced by the Deputy Mayors of Heraklion, Mr. Petrios Iniotakis and Mrs. Maria Kanavakis, and the member of the 5-member committee for the municipal animals shelter, Mr. Aris Athanassakis, the Municipality of Heraklion takes initiatives for the stray animals issue.

“The public animal shelter operates satisfactorily and is one of the best in Greece. Municipal workers collect, neuter and return stray animals back to the places they were found. They also place electronic chips on the animals. We all have obligations and responsibilities to stray animals. The abandonment of animals is… inhuman and illegal”, said Mr. Iniotakis.

In the next few months, the Municipality of Heraklion will:

  • Proceed to stray animals neutering, with the co-operation of the Greek Veterinarians Association
  • Proceed to the operation of a Municipal Animals Shelter in the place of the Regional Animals Shelter
  • Proceed to the hiring of a permanent public veterinarian
  • Meet with the Chief of local Police to discuss about the issue of animals abuse
  • Place 10 animal feeders in specific points of Heraklion
  • Find a place to be used as a free park for all animals and their owners

Municipal Authority of Heraklion also plans various events in the city, in order to inform children in elementary schools about the stray animals.

Also, there will be a plan of visits to the Municipal Animals Shelter by each interested school.

There will also be a main event on April 4th, which is the International Day of Stray Animals.

The Municipality of Heraklion invites all schools to make a TV spot about the stray animals issue. All spots will be presented in a main event in May and the best will be played on TV.