Shocking!!! “They pulled him with a belt by his throat …”

giak1Another student at the Dairy School of Ioannina, dared and revealed to Angeliki Nikolouli an extreme act of violence that occurred about a month ago at the expense of the unfortunate student.

“He accepted a savage attack just before lost”

What was revealed to Angeliki Nikolouli by a classmate of the missing Vangelis Yakoumakis, is shocking. He gave to the journalist details for an incident that shows the extreme behavior against him by the “hard” company of his countrymen. A week or so after the elections they tied him by force in a chair. He tried to escape and when he did one of them followed him in the hallway, passed a strap at his neck and pulling him firmly. Vangelis upset went to his room and locked the door.

Then Cretans started loud knocking on his door threatening him that if did not open it he will regret it. The 20 year old that day stayed at his room. Vangelis lately looked haggard.

Characteristic of the fear he felt was that he was having shower at 3 in the morning so his countrymen could not disturb him.

The results of Committee’s research show Bullying

Vangelis Giakoumakis the missing student from Crete, was victim of systematic violence in school. According to reliable sources of “Tunnel”, that is the conclusion of the Special Committee appointed by the Greek Agricultural Organization.

The members of the Committee headed by lawyer Andreas Athanasopoulos, conducted a survey in Dairy School of Ioannina which lasted 19 days. They spoke with students, the staff of the school and teachers and checked all Board decisions.

From all the evidence which the Commission considered, all testimonials for incidents of violence against Vangelis before and after the March 2014 that Vangelis changed room on the hob, are confirmed. According to the same information, Committee believes that some of the events was aware of the Administration of Dairy School.

All findings findings submitted to the Board of the Greek Agricultural Organization, which decides whether or not leaders of the Dairy School have responsibility for what happened.