VIDEO: Documentary urges return of the Parthenon Marbles

Film director Nafsika Guerry-Karamaounas is directing a film on the Parthenon Sculptures with the aid of the Swiss Committee for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles. The short documentary is aimed at increasing awareness of the issue and persuading political decision makers of the importance that sculptures are returned.

“Our flagship project is a short documentary film to widely influence public opinion and persuade political decision-makers of the necessity of the reunification of the Marbles in the Acropolis Museum in Athens. Many people are either misinformed or undecided on the subject of the Marbles. Our film, directed by the young and talented Nafsika Guerry-Karamaounas who made her mark at Cannes and with James Cameron, will allow you to have an informed opinion,” states the site of the project.

Why should the British Museum return the marbles to Athens? “Now that Greece, with the help of Europe, has built one of the most beautiful museums in the world at the foott of the Acropolis, the moment has come to return the Marbles to Athens,” state the film’s creators.”

The film is currently at the funding phase and is collecting donations. To help support the project, CLICK HERE.