Missing Vangelis Giakoumakis, more testimonies to shed light on case

An investigation into the case of missing student Vangelis Giakoumakis, aged 20, who went missing from the agricultural college where he was studying in Northern Greece came up with shocking findings pointing to bullying by his peers.

Private investigator George Tsoukalis said that he is optimistic that he can take the case one step further over the coming days with new testimonies and depositions.

A number of people had valuable information but have not testified in the framework of the investigation, whereas others who had spoken the police are now coming up with more details that could help in the investigation.

The teaching personnel also spoke concerning the case and the college dean Kostas Mantzaris has been forced to leave his duties as head of the college where the unlucky boy from Crete had been studying.

Witnesses state that the school was not an easy environment to deal with and the sensitive boy had been personally affected by the situation.


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