First Brussels Group meeting lasted eight hours

The first meeting of the Brussels Group lasted extremely long. The meeting between the Institutions and the Greek government began at 3 in the afternoon, and ended at 11 at night (EET).

On the part of the Greek side, the head of the negotiation team was Secretary General of Fiscal Policy Nikos Theoharakis, accompanied by advisor to the Minister of Finance Elena Panariti.

According to government sources, this first meeting of the Brussels Group ratified the process to be followed herein as far as negotiations are concerned.

The Brussels Group will discuss technical issues of reform policies agreed upon in the Eurogroup, and will be able to assign data-collection teams who will visit Greece and collect the data they require.

At the same time, the technical team which will gather macroeconomic and fiscal data will visit Athens on Thursday, while a team which will collect financial data as well as reform data will visit on Monday.

Government sources stressed that “negotiations will continue with a basis on the agreement of the 20th of February to implement reforms to kickstart the economy and alleviate pressures on society”.