Campaign for prevention of smoking-related litter in Greek beaches completed

Marine litter, one of the most serious environmental problems of the 20th century, was recently discussed during a one-day meeting of the Mediterranean SOS Network (MedSOS), an Athens-based NGO that aims to raise public awareness and encourage changes in citizens’ everyday behavior that impact on the environment.

MedSOS just completed the European project Life Ammos, an Integrated information campaign for the reduction of smoking related litter on beaches.

Marina Markovic, United Nations Environment Programme/Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP) specialist on viability, stated during the event the marine pollution problem must be dealt with immediately, noting that 80% of garbage at sea is of land origin, while 83% of garbage consists of plastics.

“Small items of garbage are as harmful as larger ones,” board manager of MedSOS Evangelos Koukiasas underlined.

MedSOS representatives said that cigarette butts polluting the world amounted to 4.5 trillion annually.