“Help me to confront their violence …”. Shocking new testimony in the case of the missing student

  • “Tunnel” presented unknown aspects in the 20-year old student of the Dairy School Vangelis Yakoumakis case, which stirred the stagnant waters.

A serious new testimony heard in “Tunnel” on Friday, March 13th shocked.

It was revealed that the former director of the Dairy School knew the extreme incidents that occurred at the expense of Vangelis and was looking full of agony ways to address them.

A year ago, in April 2014, he contacted a counseling telephone support service for parents and adolescents. He said he directed the Dairy School who hosted children from all over Greece and had internship. He asked for specific advice because he said at the School worked mostly agriculturists and not qualified teachers. A team of four students from Crete who had grown up in the mountains and knew how to use weapons as he said, behaved violently to a student. The advisers urged him to talk to their parents and inform them and asked him to call them back. He felt that they did not understood how difficult the situation he was facing it and did not call again at this service.

After the furor that erupted with the disappearance of the child the head office of the service informed the police.

The former director of the School had tried before months to sound the alarm to the leaders of the Greek Agricultural Organization. In his letter warned of possible serious situations within the School with legal ramifications. He noted the lack of staff and the fact that the internship host boys and girls, minors and adults. But nobody tried to prevent the worse which now they trying to cover …

“I did not pulled him by the throat”

The shocking testimony that came to light, that someone was pulling with a strap or something similar Vangelis by his his neck, never happened. This is what the Cretan student according to the witness caused the extreme incident against the missing young man said to Angeliki Nikolouli. He told the reporter that he and his compatriots are unfairly been accused. He did not rule out the possibility that Vangelis found refuge in a monastery.

“I do not swear to God”

Angeliki Nikolouli spoke with another Cretan classmate of Vangelis. As he said, Vangelis asked to change room in the School because he was annoyed the fuss that was made by his roommates with their instruments and not because he was accepting violent attacks. He does not believe that his friends tide him on a chair as it s been heard, but he does not swear to God.