Greek politicians tweet on the death of 20 year old student

Greek politicians have taken to Twitter to express their regret for the death of the 20-year old student Vangelis Giakoumakis, whose body was found on Sunday near a lake in the region surrounding the town in Ioannina, in northwestern Greece, following a month-long search.

The student was said to have been the victim of relentless bullying, according to a report conducted by authorities following his disappearance.

“The grief for Vangelis Giakoumakis should become a ‘mirror’ in which our society should take a long, hard look. Tolerance to the violence of the powerful is the mold that creates fascism,” Syriza MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis said in his tweet.

Conservative lawmaker and former foreign minister with New Democracy, Dora Bakoyanni, said: “A sweet boy was lost because we still haven’t relised how much harm tolerance to all sorts of violence can do, wherever it appears, even in primary school.”