Suicide likely cause of death for Vaggelis Giakoumakis

Early indications from the examination of the body of Vaggelis Giakoumakis, the missing student whose corpse was uncovered today over a month after his initial disappearance, appear to indicate that his death was the result of suicide, although police have not ruled out the possibility of foul play.

It is known that for over a year leading up to his death the unfortunate student had been the victim of a vicious campaign of bullying by a small group of students at the Ioannina college where he studied.

“He has a deep cut on his right wrist from a knife. From reports from his family we know that he was left-handed. The injury is consistent with the suicide theory. An examination of the knife remains to determine if there is DNA and fingerprints which do not belong to Vangelis Giakoumakis,” a high ranking official of the Greek police said. The initial evaluation of the evidence was confirmed by the coroner, Theodoros Vougiouklakis.

The identity of the body, which was found in an advance state of decay, was confirmed by Giakoumakis’s clothes, the presence of his room keys on his person as well as through dental records.

The coroner and police officials believe that Giakoumakis died where he was found and had not been moved to the location post-mortem. However they have not ruled out the involvement of others in his death.

Giakoumakis’s body was found in a marshy field a short distance away from his rooms on the Dairy College campus of Ioannina and about 500 meters away from a nearby lake.

The discovery raises questions as to how the body was not discovered sooner given that the area had been the focus of two earlier searches. According to reports, Giakoumakis’s body was located in an area difficult to reach, covered in low, thick vegetation and marshy ground. Police say that the location was such that it would have been difficult or impossible for a search party to stumble across the body while the dogs used had proven to be insufficiently trained in the location of human remains, although the unfortunate student’s remains bore bite-marks from other wild animals.

Giakoumakis’s body was apparently discovered by pure chance by a couple whose car became stuck in the mud nearby. According to reports, when the man went looking for a piece of wood to wedge under the tires he delved into the bushes and happened across the body.

The autopsy is currently underway and toxicological analyses will be conducted to determine if Giakoumakis may have been drugged.

From the early examination the coroner was unable to rule on a definitive cause of death although Vougiouklakis said that, “from the findings so far there are serious indications of suicide.”

According to the coroner the body bore extensive wounds but these were probably caused by animals after Giakoumakis’s death. However there were also cuts on his right wrist that may have been caused by the knife that was found next to him, Vougiouklakis said.

Police teams are also scouring the area to search for additional evidence.