7 out of 10 believe that the government hasn’t abolished the Troika

A new poll conducted on account of VERGINA TV indicates that 58% of Greek people believe that the new elected SYRIZA government does not keep its pre-election commitments, neither has really abolished the Troika.

At the same time 39.8% would have voted for SYRIZA in case of elections.

According to poll results, 50.5% of citizens participating in the research are not happy with governments course of negotiations so far, 58% are not convinced that SYRIZA keeps its pre-election commitments, while 73% doesn’t believe that the government hasn’t abolished the Troika.

Despite all the above results, SYRIZA continues being in the lead with 39.8% while New Democracy is far back with 17%, followed by Golden Dawn with 5.7%, while PASOK notes further loss at 3.2%.

More specifically:
SYRIZA 39.8%
New Democracy 17%
Golden Dawn 5.7%
KKE 5.1%
ANEL 4.8%
PASOK 3.2%


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