Mother of Vaggelis Giakoumakis: “I believed that we will find our child alive… until the last moment”

She is the woman who burried her child, who saw her son in a white cofin… she is Maria, the mother of Vaggelis Giakoumakis.

Her cry became a pain, her pain became a tear, and the tear became… despair…

She was there, along with her family, but… she was so alone… away from reality, away from the crowd… close to her son’s soul… for the last “goodbye”.

“Vaggelis is still alive, he will always be alive in my heart… I feel him beside me, I feel him close to me. We did not know what had happened all those days. The time was passing by and I believed that we could find him alive… I had a hope until the last time, although I made bad thoughts about Vaggelis. I could not allow myself to stop have a last hope”, said the mother of Vaggelis to

“It is not easy for all of us. We are trying to realize what happened. We trust Greek justice and we hope that the people who led Vaggelis to commit suicide, will “pay the price”. We owe that to Vaggelis. My husband is desparate and I don’t know if he can handle all this… I want to remember all the good moments with my son… he was a really good boy. For me, Vaggelis will still be with us… we are together every night… I am holding his photo and we talk…”.

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