Stavros Theodorakis: “Yes to the privatization of Greek regional airports”

“Potami” leader Stavros Theodorakis said, during a Press conference in Chania, that he is not against the privatization of Greek regional airports, as long as there is nothing… “behind” the whole procedure.

Mr. Theodoarkis said that he agrees with the procedure so far and his only doubt is if the 14 airports could be seperated in two groups and not be sold in one consortium.

As for what a woman said to the Minister of Economics, Mr. Yanis Varoufakis… “be with us after the rupture”, Mr. Theodorakis told that… “if Mr. Varoufakis says follow us to the rupture with economic interests, with guilds, with the old system, in order to change our country, we are with him. If he means… follow us to the rupture with European Union… then, he is alone. A few Greeks would follow such a decision… I hope that Mr. Varoufakis is not joining a small companionship of silly people who believe that Greece has a future out of the European Union.

Mr. Theodorakis also visited the family of Vaggelis Giakoumakis in Rethymno and said that “Potami” will propose a full discussion in the Greek Parliament for the “bullying issue”.