Govt to impose fines up to 25 mln euros for sports-related violence

Deputy Culture Minister for Sports Stavros Kontonis released to the media on Friday a new draft law that aims to tackle sports-related violence, by imposing fines up to 25 million euros.

“I hope that the government’s determination to wipe out all the unhealthy phenomena in Greek sport is clear to all sides. We seek the cooperation of all institutional bodies and we are certain that our common goal will be achieved,” said the Deputy Minister.

Tougher penalties will be introduced in order to prevent violent phenomena in sport as well as racist behavior in sports venues. The new draft law will include higher fines for clubs and federations and will give the ministry the right to ban ticket sales and also to prevent clubs from participating in international tournaments.

Fines can also be imposed to the media for inciting or encouraging violence and the revenues will be paid into a special account for promoting amateur sport and sports education.