“Open the goddamn door”, shouted desperately the Cpt. of Germanwings

As German newspaper Bild published on Sunday, Germanwings captain Patrick Sondheimer shouted desperately “Open the goddamn door”.

As Bild reports, the recording starts with the captain apologizing to passengers for a 26-minute delay getting to Barcelona, and promising to make up the time on the flight to Dusseldorf.

Foe the next 20 minutes, the captain has a conversation with co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who tells him he can go to the toilet at any time and he will take over the controls, noting that the pilot didn’t go to the lavatory in Barcelona.

At 10.27am, while the airliner reached its cruising altitude of 38.000ft, captain tells his first officer to prepare for landing in Dusseldorf.

After another two minutes captain Sondheimer tells Lubitz: ‘You can take over.’

Then, there is the sound of a seat being pushed back and the door closing.

At 10.29am the flight radar monitors the plane descending.

At 10.30am it is down by 316ft, and just a minute later, it is down 1.800ft.

At 10.32am air traffic controllers try to contact the aircraft, but get no response.

According to the voice recorder, plane’s automatic alarm signal ‘Sink Rate’ sounds almost at the same time.

Shortly afterwards there is a loud bang, which sounds like someone trying to enter the cockpit.

Then captain Sondheimer shouts: “For God’s sake, open the door”

In the background, passengers can be heard screaming.

According to the French authorities, at 10.35am “again the sound of loud banging against the cockpit door” is heard. The plane is still 7.000ft above the ground.

About 90 seconds later there is a new warning message – “Ground -Pull up – Pull up”.

The captain is heard desperately shouting: “Open the goddamn door”.

At 10.38am, the aircraft is on a north-east course over the French Alps. The breathing of co-pilot Lubitz can be heard in the cockpit but he says nothing.

At 10.40am the aircraft hits the mountainside with its right wing. The last sounds are more screams from passengers.

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