Ministry established committee to assess oil exploration bids

An eleven-member committee to evaluate bids for hydrocarbon research and exploitation in three areas in Greece has been established at the Ministry of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy.

The areas it will deal with cover Arta and Preveza (NW Greece), the Etoloakarnania prefecture (central Greece) and the northwestern Peloponnese. Bids were submitted on February 6 and the ministry wants to complete their evaluation by May.

The tendering began after an initial expression of interest for research in the three areas by Italian-based ENEL, which did not end up participating in the tendering.

Binding tenders have been submitted by Hellenic Petroleum (ELPE) for Arta-Preveza and NW Peloponnese, and by Energean Oil & Gas for Arta-Preveza and Etoloakarnania.

In a previous tendering, ELPE had assumed research in the Patras Gulf and Energean (which is exploiting the northern Greek Prinos fields) in Katakolo and Ioannina, NW Greece.

Meanwhile, the deadline for submitting bids for research and exploitation of hydrocarbon beds in 20 marine areas in the Ionian Sea and the southern Cretan Sea is this May.

Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis however has said the terms of the call for tenders must be reexamined for reasons of public interest and did not rule out the extension of the invitation for bids.

Athens Macedonian News Agency