The proposals of FAHCAA for the Regional Airports and the answer of Min Stathakis

The Federation of Associations of Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority makes its own proposals for all Greek Regional Airports and asks:

  • The Govt should not proceed to the privatization and all Regional Airports should stay under control of HCAA, in order to serve the development, tourism, Greek economy, society and national safety.
  • Greek Regional Airports can be developped and modernised by their own financial resoursces. Passengers and airline companies already pay airport taxes.

Min Stathakis answered to the proposals of FAHCAA, speaking in “Proini Grammi” TV show.

“Giannis Daskalogiannis is a military airport and a big investment will be concluded in a few months, an investment made by European resources. Local society has the right to react. We have to discuss about the privatization of Greek Regional Airports. Previous Govt signed a long term contract, which is not profitable for Greece”, said Mr. Stathakis.