Perspectives from Apokoronas: Open letter

Perspectives has received an open letter from some members of the community.

Open letter to Helping Hands (Xeria Voitheas)

Recently, there has been public criticism of the work of the Dimos of Apokoronas in picking up the Food parcel programme from Helping Hands (Xeria Voitheas) .

This has caused great concern amongst some of us who were Volunteers or Steering Group members of Helping Hands (XV). We worry that this unjustifiable criticism may damage the good work being done, and prevent people from supporting this very worthy cause.

We therefore want to make the following points:

No system is flawless, (Helping Hands wasn’t) and it takes time for new systems to start to work properly.

The handover from Helping Hands to the Dimos, could, and should have been seamless. Sadly this was not the case. We are at a loss to understand why Helping Hands is seeking to undermine a programme it was very much part of. On the 14th February Helping Hands were congratulating the Dimos for having taken responsibility for the Food Programme.

Nor do we understand why no one from Helping Hands felt able to accept the offer of a place on the Social Services Committee made by the Dimos. This surely would have been a chance to offer experience and knowledge to the Committee.

Despite the criticism Helping Hands makes on its website and in Avrio, the Dimos programme is open to everyone living in Apokoronas regardless of their nationality. The 22 families mentioned were not on the list handed to the Dimos by Helping Hands. Once the names of the families were given to the Dimos they were immediately placed on the list, despite the fact that no addresses were provided for these families.

In order to ensure transparency and to avoid abuse of the Programme it is perfectly reasonable for the Dimos to request some form of identity or address for those who wish to receive food parcels.

We reject and regret the public airing of inaccurate, negative and destructive comments which could so easily dissuade many who want to give the very necessary resource to help us all support those currently lacking the basic needs of food and shelter.

We hope that our letter will give people the opportunity to see a positive view of the work of all those many volunteer s who offer their support in so many ways to fellow members of our community.

Signed by,
Ann Clayton, John Eardley, Spiros Kitas, Honor Bartley, Kirsten Mus, Keir Hughes, Robert Burlumi, Anna Corre-Kitas, Ian Clayton

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