Another German couple paid for WWII reparations

Their names are Ιllο Mechlinski-Gerrwin and Gerhard Gerwinn.

They are from Germany, they love Greece and they live in Pitsidia village, at Festos, Heraklion.

“We have read in Spiegel magazine about Ludwig Ζaccharo and Nina Lange, who believe that Germany must first pay the money for WWII reparations to Greece and then Greece pay for its debt to the European Union… We really loved the idea of Ludwig and Nina and pay our part of the WWII reparations. Even after 70 years from WWII, Germany must pay for that loan. Each German citizen must pay 150 euros… We are in Pitsidia for more than 30 years, we love Cretan nature and hospitality. People are friendly, despite what Germany has done to Crete during the war. That’s why we gave 150 euros each for poor people of Pitsidia”, said Gerhard.

The couple from Germany gave the money to the chairman of the local council of Pitsidia, Mr. Dimitris Karandinos.

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