‘End ECB dictatorship’: Mario Draghi attacked

The president of the European Central Bank has been interrupted at a news conference by a protester shouting “end ECB dictatorship.”

Mario Draghi was outlining the bank’s latest monetary policy thinking when a lone woman jumped onto the desk above Mr Draghi and showered him with items including what looked like confetti and sheets of paper.

A T-shirt she was wearing bore a similar message to her shout of dictatorship, spelling it “Dick-tatorship.”

A protester jumps on the table in front of the European Central Bank President Draghi during a news conference in Frankfurt.

Mr Draghi raises his hands for protection as the woman launches her attack.

The bank suspended the video feed of the news conference as security officials grabbed her but she flashed a V for victory sign and smiled as two men in grey suits took her away holding her arms and legs.

Mr Draghi, who had held up his hands as protection, looked shocked but was apparently unhurt and continued his presentation shortly afterwards.

Some activists accuse the bank of trying to enforce budget austerity measures on eurozone countries, such as Greece, that are under financial bailout programmes.