See how people commented on the earthquake of 6,1R

  • Menetes / 62km NE from the epicenter

We have a lot of earth tremors in Greece but this was one of the biggest.  Some of our cats knew it was going to start and a friend has said the same about her cats.  Dogs are barking constantly now.  It was scary!

  • Piles / 64km NE from the epicenter

Strong earthquake, also lasting more than a minute.

  • Stavrohori / 79km W from the epicenter

Have only lived here for 2 years.Felt a few before but this was the strongest so far.

  • Kalo Chorio / 100km W from the epicenter

There was no shortage in the electricity supply or flickering of lights. The second story of our house shook for longer. We went upstairs as we could hear ornaments rattling of the walls but downstairs seemed to have stopped moving.

  • Agios Nikolaos / 100km W of the epicenter

It was one of the strongest since few years. Big swaying. The monitor was shaking. You could easily feel it while standing. They seem to get stronger in the area of Crete.

Have felt a few earthquakes here on Crete but none as strong, or prolonged as this one. Strong swaying motion and made me feel queasy; door and window swung open it felt like I was on a boat; and was very silent outside – which was eery!  Then all the neighbours ran outside as it subsided – people shouting if everyone was,ok and said it was the strongest one felt for years!

We felt it strong enough about 5-10 sec

  • Milatos / 118km W of the epicenter

I was sitting on the chair, it was shaking a lot. I was thinking first my dogs are playing under the chair. But then I saw them far from me, and I did realize, this must be an eathquick. It was quite strong, I was scared.

  • Malia / 126km W of the epicenter

Felt in Malia but animals all calm and quiet, a good sign.

  • Analipsi / 138km W of the epicenter

Felt it in the floor and the lights in the hotel bar were swinging.

  • Kokkini Hani / 146km W of the epicenter

It was quite strong and it lasted for so long. The whole time I was thinking: when is it going to stop!

  • Archanes / 152km W of the epicenter

Long in duration. Swaying chandeliers and vases. The whole family crawled under table for cover after we grabbed the cell phone first. Scary.

  • Heraklion / 156 km W of the epicenter

I felt a strong shake. I saw the bookcase in front of me shake. The curtains of the windows swayed. My dogs did not awake from their sleep though, nor did my kitty.

The swaying motion of both buildings & objects was very noticeable from the very beginning. I can still feel the shaking (I’m indoors on first floor lying down) & the light fixtures are still moving like pendulums.

It was a moderately strong earthquake, but it lasted long. People in the neighborhood panicked.

Slow start, got stronger and stronger. Lasted 10-15 seconds. No sound.

Quite long, swaying motion. Felt like two or three waves. We are on a second floor. Things shaking in a rocking motion. Scary.

Very strong shaking with duration greater than 20 seconds, becoming stronger after first 10 seconds. It was scary.

Really felt this one. Long duration, light fixtures swinging, We are on 4th floor, Tria Peffka, Heraklion.

  • Stavrakia / 161km W of the epicenter

First it was a rather rough movement with some rumbling sound. Then the intensity increased and it was a swaying motion, which lasted for something like a minute. The stray dogs got frightened, while our pets were looking surprised but not frightened.

  • Chania / 260km W of the epicenter

A ceiling light with three lampshades swung slightly so the shades made contact.  A tall narrow floor lamp swayed slightly.  Personally I couldn’t feel anything and would not have noticed apart from the noise made by the lampshades.

We felt slghtly the earthquake in Chania as well.